What to Expect when Building a Custom Home in Utah County

What to Expect when Building a Custom Home in Utah County

Custom home builders are in high demand in Utah because the housing market offers limited supply. When existing homes sell fast, hasty bids are needed to compete, which means many buyers end up in homes that compromise on some of their needs for the security of the sale. Many choose to ensure that their home has all the items on their wishlist by building it themselves. 

10X Builders creates stunning custom homes, and residential remodels in Utah Couty. We’re happy to use our hands-on experience so that you know what to expect when building a custom home.

Utah County Neighborhoods to Build a Custom Home

Every neighborhood has a unique vibe and aesthetic, though you’ll notice we mention family homes almost everywhere. This is the nature of Utah County! We’ve had the pleasure of adding to communities in most Utah County neighborhoods, so we are uniquely positioned to speak about the characteristics of each area. 

  1. Highland- a notoriously affluent and family-friendly area.
  2. Cedar Hills- This area features plenty of parks and spacious lots, great for kids and privacy.
  3. Alpine-a more rural area, with great schools.
  4. Orem- Sometimes known as Family City this very suburban area has great neighborhoods.
  5. American Fork- A dense and interesting family-friendly suburban area.
  6. Lehi- This techy city is also home to museums and botanical gardens. 
  7. Mapleton- Mapleton retains a small-town feel but is growing fast!
  8. Lindon- country vibes, farm animals, and large lots are part of Lindon’s charm.
  9. Pleasant Grove- The home of Strawberry Days, this area blends rural and suburban neighborhoods.
  10. Saratoga Springs- This area offers a small-town feel, wide-open spaces, and easy drivability.
  11. Provo- This is the outlier in our area. Home to Bringham Young University, this area offers a college-town feel and next-level entertainment and dining options compared to surrounding areas.
  12. Springville- Another charming small-town suburban area known for its art.
  13. Vineyard- This suburban area has excellent schools and friendly neighbors.
  14. Salem- Salem offers a cohesive community, great schools, and suburban areas.
  15. Spanish Fork- This rapidly growing area offers chain amenities and unique neighborhood favorites with a bustling suburban backdrop.
  16. Eagle Mountain- This area is full of wide-open spaces and friendly faces.
  17. Payson- This quiet place is close to nature and boasts a tight community.
  18. Woodland Hills- A final charming and rural area to round out our family-friendly list.
living room with white walls and fireplace with light hardwood flooring and black accents by 10x Builders in Utah


What Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

Every custom build is a little different. After lot purchase, modest custom homes start around $300,000, whereas larger homes with more luxury options cost $450,000 or more. The average cost to build a house in Utah is about $372,000. Your builder is the best source for information about the cost of your build and the factors that influence it.

What is the Process to Build a Custom Home?

Everyone has a slightly different process for building a custom home, but ours begins with lots of careful planning. More time and care in the design and planning stage translates to fewer surprises and a smoother build. Early steps include:

  1. Secure pre-approval for financing if needed
  2. Find a lot
  3. Design the perfect home for your budget and location
  4. Secure permits for your proposed home
  5. Break ground

If you’re interested in the details of the custom building process, our eBook is for you! We dig into the timeline and step-by-step process here, so you know exactly what to expect while we are building your custom home.

What to Look for When Choosing a Builder

You need a builder that understands your vision and has a portfolio to back it up. Here are some tips for finding a great builder for your custom home.

  • Look for an experienced builder. Experienced builders become established by doing good work consistently. 
  • Speak to people who built a home in your area. People who have been in your shoes will help you think of every angle. They will tell you things that your builder won’t think to mention or doesn’t know.
  • Interview prospective builders, paying particular attention to the fit when interacting with them. Do you feel understood? Does your builder explain things well? You will be working together on one of the most important projects of your life—the right partner matters.
  • Look for your style in this builder’s portfolio. Do you have a specific aesthetic or trend in mind? Are you interested in green materials? Has your builder demonstrated the ability to execute the results that matter to you? 
Check out our guide to learn more about what makes a great custom home builder and how to choose the right one for you. 

Custom Home Builders in Utah County

We would love to partner with you to build your dream home in Utah County. We are confident we can exceed your expectations tenfold, and we’d love the opportunity to demonstrate this to you. Let’s get started today. Reach out here to tell us about your dream home.Ready To Build Your Dream Home | Download Our Free Guide Now

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