10 Energy Efficient Materials to Use in Your New Custom Home

10 Energy Efficient Materials to Use in Your New Custom Home

Energy efficiency is important when you're building a new home. The use of energy-efficient materials, from eco-friendly light bulbs to eco-friendly housing materials, can reduce your utility bills, improve your comfort at home and also ensure good quality of life. Energy efficiency is becoming so important that they're developing more energy-efficient materials all the time.

If you're building a custom home, you have many options to choose from. Not sure which materials are best? The experts at 10X Builders can help. Here's what you need to know.

1. Recycled Steel

Most metals are easily recycled, and in fact, many metal roofs and other metal construction materials are made of recycled steel. In fact, some research shows that about 60% of new steel is made from old steel. Recycled steel leads to lower CO2 emissions. It's also lightweight and strong, so it's an excellent material to incorporate into your home construction.

2. Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insultion with man in white biohazard suit - photo by best consumer reviews

Spray foam insulation has low energy leakage and is an excellent insulator year-round. It creates no harmful emissions, so it's better for your home's indoor air quality compared to some other types of building materials. In addition, it's shrink-proof and water-resistant, which makes it an excellent material for insulation. Spray foam insulation is a good alternative to cellulose and fiberglass insulation.

3. Smart Thermostat

Many smart thermostats work by "learning" your climate control preferences. Your smart thermostat will set your home for a less comfortable temperature at times when you're away, and then restore your home to a more comfortable temperature when you're coming back home. In this way, smart thermostats help save energy and maintain a comfortable environment in your home at the same time.

4. Low-E, Dual Pane, or Triple Pane Windows

triple pane windows with olive green panes - photo by smart ext pros

They say as much as 30% of your heating and cooling costs could be due to energy lost out of your windows. Low-E windows block a variety of harmful rays, such as UV rays and infrared rays. This helps prevent energy leaks in your home and makes your home more energy-efficient.

Dual pane windows and triple-pane windows are the primary window types sold commercially to homeowners. Both window types are highly energy efficient. Triple pane windows are even more energy-efficient than dual pane windows, but most homeowners prefer dual pane windows because they're lighter weight, thinner, and less expensive.

5. Cool Roof

If you have a dark-colored roof, your attic may reach 150 degrees on a hot day. White-colored roofs reflect light back into the atmosphere, thus keeping your attic as much as 50 degrees cooler. Cool roofs can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, asphalt shingles, and more. Consult with your custom home builder to decide which roofing type is best for your home and budget.

6. Solar Panels

White 2-story House with solar panels on roof

Solar panels use the energy from the sun to generate power that runs your house. If you're considering installing solar panels on your custom home, you'll have a range of payment options. Some homeowners lease their solar panels, while others pay for them outright. You can choose the payment options that work for you. Work directly with a reputable solar company to complete your solar panel installation.

7. Plastic Composite Lumber

The problem with wood, and the reason it's not a very efficient building material, is that it can rot when it's exposed to moisture on a regular basis. This is why we paint or finish wood that is exposed to the elements. Plastic composite lumber is the solution to this problem.

Composite lumber is made from a combination of wood pulp and resins. This comes together to create a product that looks a lot like wood but withstands exposure to moisture without rotting. Plastic composite lumber is now commonly used in decks, fences, and more. Best of all, plastic composite lumber looks like a lot of natural wood. If you use plastic composite lumber on your home, you almost won't be able to tell the difference.

8. Thermostat Radiant Barrier

roofing being installed on new custom home frame - photo by build gp

Thermostat radiant barriers function in ways that are similar to cool roofs. Thermostat radiant barriers reflect sunlight to keep your house cool. This can reduce your home's energy costs by as much as 17% at the peak of the summer. If you want to keep your attic cool in summer, a radiant barrier can be very helpful.

9. Natural Insulators

There are many natural products that can easily be used as natural insulators.

  • Denim. Recycled denim is an excellent insulator, and it's made from recycled blue jeans!
  • Wool. Wool is being used in more homes every day. There are many surprising benefits about wool as an insulator, including its fire resistance and its resistance to rot and mold.
  • Straw bales. Straw bales can be used as insulators. If kept dry, straw bales can last for thousands of years.

10. Plant-Based Polyurethane Insulators

someone installing insulation inside of home with gloves and suit - photo by sdc rigid foam insulation inc

Plant-based polyurethane insulators are made from bamboo, hemp, and kelp. These insulators are resistant to moisture and heat. These insulators perform fiberglass insulation.

Want to Build an Energy-Efficient House? Contact the Custom Home Builders in Utah County

When you're trying to build an energy-efficient home in Utah county, it's important to work with a contractor who's used to working with energy-efficient building materials.

Only an experienced building and remodeling contractor will know how to produce the best energy-efficient homes. Your contractor can also help you choose the best eco-friendly materials for your home. To find out more about how you can use energy-efficient materials to build a house and to enjoy an efficient pre-building process, call 10X Builders today.

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