Top Reasons to Move to Utah

Top Reasons to Move to Utah

From stunning and lush rivers to mysterious, looming hoodoos Utah’s unique natural world provides a unique and thrilling backdrop to everyday life in Utah. And if you ask us, everyday life in Utah is pretty fantastic. Utah is gorgeous, thriving, and attractive to many looking to find a place with good prospects and plenty of fun to call home.

10x Builders creates stunning homes and remodels in Utah County. We would love to build your next custom home. The process is probably much easier than you think. We’re happy to help! We enjoy helping people discover the majesty of this area for the first time or expand into their dream home with Utah as the backdrop.

Top Reasons to Move to Utah

Utah offers a unique mix of hard-working values, beautiful scenery, and a robust economy. It’s not difficult to understand why Utah is one of the fastest-growing states in the union. We can’t wait to tell you more about why we love this beautiful state that 10X calls home.

Fantastic City Life 

Utah’s shining cities offer world-class entertainment and fun. There is plenty to do, whether you live. The Mormon history in Salt Lake City echoes in its architecture and culture. Visit majestic Temple Square, and make time to hear the Tabernacle Choir. Take the kids to Hogle Zoo, or tour the capital building. Salt Lake City’s public library is its own architectural destination, as well as a resource-rich public library. 

Bringham Young’s picturesque campus anoints Provo and provides lots of culture and fun. Museums, performances, and other cultural offerings are strong in this area of Utah as well. Catch the Utah Grizzlies in West Valley and stay for a drive-in movie.

It’s easier to drive through major Utah cities than many others in the US. Utah’s relatively modern highway system is wide and urban areas are not often as congested as other cities of the same size.

Sublime Suburbs

The suburbs of Utah are notoriously clean and manicured. With many floorplans designed to house large families, suburban Utah homes are often spacious and well-appointed. Nestled in numerous communities with their own character and charm, suburban areas of Utah consistently rank among the nation's best neighborhoods to live in according to a variety of metrics like job growth, education, and crime. Cozy clusters of sizable lots are sprinkled throughout breathtaking wild places, suburban Utah communities allow their residents to capitalize on community amenities and enjoy the adjacent natural splendor. 

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Gentle Seasons

Utah experiences all four seasons, but much more moderately than the midwest or northeast so you experience the rhythm of the seasons without the extremes of blizzards and relentless heatwaves. Utah is actually quite dry, although we do experience more snow than the natural average, which is great for winter sports.

Outdoor Sports

The mountains, rivers, and other outdoor wonders of Utah create natural challenges for athletes of all kinds. The options comprise an attractive menu. People in Utah love to kayak, ski, fish, rock climb, mountain bike, off-road, or hike. Active outdoor living is part of the culture and extremely accessible to all. Getting outside is a way of life among Utah’s residents of all ages.


Utah is a fantastic place to raise a family. It consistently reports one of the nation’s lowest crime rates, especially in the suburbs. There are plenty of enriching opportunities for kids outdoors, as well as in family-friendly city offerings. Utah public schools are some of the nation’s top-performing districts, and Utah universities like Bringham Young and The University of Utah offer excellent options for higher education.

Strong Economy

Thanks especially to a booming tech sector, job growth is strong in Utah, and has remained consistently strong when other markets in the US trended down. Utah matches job seekers to the right positions better than many other states. Unemployment is currently at a low three percent. 

Natural Wonders

We boast a whopping five national parks within our borders.  Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion, are known as the Mighty Five. The Desert sky is set aflame with twisted red rocks in impossible and impressive formations that bring visitors worldwide to wonder.

The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere. It provides refuge for migrating birds and impacts our local climate and weather patterns by tempering the heat and adding lake effect snow. It is truly a unique experience for many visitors.

Let’s Build your Dream Home in Utah!

We love building a client’s first Utah home, and we’re happy to build a new home for our Utah neighbors. 10X is committed to a reality 10 times better than the dream that began your project, which means we're committed to the quality and daily detail this requires. Let’s start the conversation that ends in your new custom home. Reach out today.

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