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10 Reasons to Build Your Forever Home in Utah

With spectacular natural scenery, friendly communities, and a strong economic market, Utah is an ideal destination for those seeking a high quality of life. It's no wonder that Utah is increasingly becoming a popular choice for individuals and families looking to experience the best that American Western living has to offer.

Read on to find out all the reasons why so many people are looking to build their forever home in the Beehive State.

1. Breathtaking Scenery

Utah is famous for its beautiful and diverse natural landscapes, fiercely rivaling those of any other Western state. 

Choosing to build your new home in Utah means you’ll gain five national parks as neighbors: Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion. Known as the Mighty Five, these parks are bucket-list destinations for millions of Americans.

Not only that, Utah boasts tens of thousands of acres of state parks, national forests, wetlands, and other public lands where residents and visitors can escape the crowds and truly experience the wild west. There are also over 1,000 lakes and reservoirs and hundreds of miles of streams and rivers.

Whether you prefer snowcapped mountain ranges or richly-colored desert canyons, you’ll find your new home’s perfect backdrop in Utah.

2. Unbelievable Access to the Outdoors

Utah offers unparalleled recreation opportunities for all four seasons, making it an ideal home for those who value an active lifestyle. You can build your home in the perfect spot so that all your favorite activities are practically in your backyard.

There’s world-class skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, wildlife watching and birding, golfing, boating, horseback riding, hunting and fishing—we could go on forever. Utah is truly an outdoors person’s haven, and your new custom home would be in the middle of it all.

3. High Quality of Life

Utah consistently ranks highly in terms of quality of life, making it a wonderful place to build your forever home. People in Utah are known for being welcoming, friendly, and helpful neighbors. Utah residents are also happier on average—a study recently showed that Utah is the second least stressed state in the U.S., with only Minnesota ahead by a very slim margin. 

The healthcare and education systems are known as reputable and high quality. There are many top-ranked universities and colleges in the state, including Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.

4. Great Returns on Investment

Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the country, putting a high demand on housing and good places to live. With such a booming real estate market, investing in a quality custom home can offer a high return on investment for your real estate. 

There are also a variety of tax incentives available in Utah that make your investment more worthwhile—especially when it comes to energy efficiency. These incentives can give you more room in your budget by lowering build costs and saving you money on future energy bills.

5. Lower State Taxes

Especially compared to states like New York or California, Utah has a relatively low state tax burden. Utah has a flat income tax and property tax, and zero estate tax. Those building their custom home in Utah can save money on taxes and put more resources into building their dream home.

6. Lower Cost of Living

Compared to states like California and Colorado, Utah has a lower cost of living. This means that clients can get more for their money when building a custom home in Utah, and can enjoy a higher quality of life without breaking the bank. Your money will go further in Utah, allowing you to build a larger or more luxurious home than you might be able to in other locations.

7. Easy Access to Urban Amenities

While Utah is famous for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, it also has thriving urban centers like Salt Lake City and Park City with all the amenities of city living, including shopping, dining, and entertainment. Residents enjoy annual events like the Sundance Film Festival, music festivals, and a wide range of food options—local favorites include Navajo tacos and pastrami burgers.

8. Strong Economy

Utah has a strong and fast-growing economy, with low unemployment rates and a high job growth rate. Utah also has a growing tech industry, with many startups and established companies setting up shop in the state. There are plenty of unique opportunities, making it an ideal place to live for those looking to start a business or advance their career.

9. Perfect Location in the West

Utah is located in the heart of the American West, making it a convenient home base for exploring this beautiful part of the country. Utah shares borders with Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wyoming. From the large international airport in Salt Lake City or by short road trips, it’s relatively easy to visit areas like Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

10. Excellent Custom Home Builders

Utah has a wealth of custom home building expertise. Whether you’re looking to build in Utah County, Salt Lake County, or Summit/Wasatch County, there are skilled craftsmen and builders who specialize in creating unique and luxurious homes tailored to their client’s personal style and preferences.

Decided that it’s finally the right time to build your custom home? Our team would be honored to help you—from the very start of the design-build process to the final walkthrough of your dream home. From luxurious finishes to cutting-edge technology, 10X Builders is committed to a reality 10 times better than the dream that began your project.

Contact us today and let’s get you one step closer to your new custom home.

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