4 Spring Activities in Utah County

4 Spring Activities in Utah County

We might be in the middle of winter right now, but soon the weather will be warming in and around Utah County, UT! Before you know it, you and your loved ones will be seeking outdoor activities to keep everyone busy. Fortunately, you live in the right place! Utah County is full of fun things to do this spring and into the summer.

Whether you're looking for a fun retreat from the hustle and bustle of normal life or a fun place to spend time with the kids, there's much to do in and around Utah county. Below are some of the most enjoyable activities we recommend for the coming months.

1. Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point 2020 in Utah red tulip patch - photo by rove.me

There's nothing more impressive or colorful than a field full of tulips, in all hues and of all varieties. The Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival is a must-see event, with over 280,000 tulips in over a hundred varieties! You'll be awed by the vibrant colors and the magnitude of what you're seeing.

Who will enjoy the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival? Enjoy this activity with young ones, friends, a romantic partner, or with your older relatives.

2. Head to the Park

There are many lovely parks in the Utah valley! Whether it's amazing playgrounds you're seeking or a place where you could view nature, there will be many lovely days this spring when you could head to the park and have a great time. Some wonderful parks with playgrounds in Utah valley include:

  • Neptune Park (Saratoga Springs) - Your kids will love the many playground facilities at Neptune Park.
  • All Together Playground (Orem) - The massive size of this playground makes this destination the perfect place to bring a group of kids on a beautiful sunny Saturday!
  • Discovery Park (Pleasant Grove) - Lots of climbing surfaces make the Discovery Park a location where kids could spend hours having fun.

Want to go see nature, instead of going to a playground? Deer Creek State Park boasts year-round fishing opportunities and opportunities for boating, sunbathing, windsurfing and swimming.

3. Go Hiking

ant knoll trail leading up grassy hill in american fork canyon - photo from Pinterest

There are many places for hiking in Utah valley, and spring is the best time to start hiking for the year. Watch the weather reports for days that are sunny and warm - but not too hot! Although there are many hiking trails of differing levels of difficulty, the hiking trails listed below are great for families and are relatively easy.

  • American Fork Canyon Nature Trail
  • Buffalo Peak
  • Battle Creek Falls
  • Grotto Falls
  • Dripping Rock

4. Herber Valley Historic Railroad

The Herber Valley Historic Railroad features a vintage steam locomotive that pulls passengers in one-way and two-way trips. Enjoy this unique attraction for a special event like a Friday Night Special, a Cheese Tasting journey, and more. This is a great place to take a date!

5. Get Crafty

Spring is a time when the weather can be unpredictable in Utah. If you like to keep busy but don't know what to do on those cold days when it snows, plan to get crafty at home! There are a variety of websites online with crafts that you can do at home. If at all possible, it's best to view craft websites in advance so you have time to gather your materials before getting started.

6. Visit Antique Shops

front entrance downtown of confetti antiques - photo by confetti antiques

Utah County has some of the best antique stores in Utah. Spring is a great time to start enjoying the fun of shopping for antiques. Some stores to try:

  • Brambles and Blossoms (Provo)
  • Confetti Antiques & Books (Spanish Fork)
  • Cat's Cradle (Provo)

7. Go Kayaking

Do you want to get outside and smell the fresh air as soon as possible when Spring comes? Utah County has some of the best places to kayak in Utah! There are many excellent places to kayak in and around Utah Lake. Here's what we recommend:

  • Mirror Lake
  • Strawberry Reservoir
  • Lower Provo River
  • Silver Lake Flat Reservoir
  • Green River
  • Lake Powell

Learn more about the kayaking opportunities on this website. Enjoy!

8. Butterfly Biosphere

front entrance of butterfly biosphere at thanksgiving point utah - photo by lehi press

Where can you see thousands of butterflies, beetles, tarantulas, and more? You can see them at the Butterfly Biosphere: a venue with over 40,000 square feet of fun, creepy bugs. Visit the Butterfly Biosphere with your science-loving little ones.

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