When's the Best Time to Build a Home in Utah?

When's the Best Time to Build a Home in Utah?

You have dreamt through every detail of your custom build. You can practically feel the heated floors under your feet and the natural light pouring onto your face as you enjoy your morning in the home you are planning. We are often surprised that more people haven’t given much thought to the timing of their build. It’s one of the few early decisions that sometimes surprise new clients. We’re happy to talk you through the basics of timing your custom residential build in booming Utah so that you can be sure to curate this detail with the same level of personalization as the rest of your custom home.

10x Builders creates custom dream homes in Utah County. We’re here to execute your vision ten times better than you imagined. We’re proud to be Utah County Custom home builders, and we’re happy to use what we know about working in this unique market to help you begin your custom build at exactly the right time.

When is the Best Time of Year to Build a House?

The best time to build a house depends on your goals when building it. Though most homes begin construction in the spring or summer, this isn’t the best choice for every scenario, especially if budget is a factor. Planning every new home is different. Everyone has a unique order of priorities that influence their construction calendar and timeline. 

Questions to Help You Time Your Build

  • Are you hoping to save money on materials?
  • Are you trying to book an in-demand contractor?
  • Is speed a priority?
  • Do you need significant earthwork or major landscaping?

When Are Contractors Less Busy?

Contractors are least busy during the winter. Both general and specialty contractors have fewer clients in active construction and might be able to start your project faster than during other seasons. Wait times for sub-contractors and inspectors are also shorter in the fall and winter.

When Do Material Prices Rise?

Material and labor prices rise during the spring and summer in the US. Materials are more expensive even in areas with mild winters because these prices respond to national conditions.

When is Landscaping Easiest?

Landscaping is easiest in spring or summer when the earth is soft. Wet spring conditions may be especially helpful in identifying drainage concerns that aren’t apparent in other seasons so that you can place your home and landscaping with care. The flip side of this is that digging through the mud can slow your build.

How Does Inclement Weather Affect Construction?

There have been considerable advances in technology for building during the rain and snow. You don’t have to have a roof up before the snowfalls anymore. That said, snow and other winter weather conditions do slow things down. It certainly snows buckets in Utah County, so we plan for this during our winter construction. Sunny Utah experiences much less rain than other regions, so we are often treated to dry spring and fall days for cool and efficient work.

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How Long Does it Take to Build a House in Utah?

Building a house takes about a year, give or take a few months, depending on the size and features you include. Smaller homes with fewer customizations are faster to build. This means that your home’s construction will span several seasons, no matter when you choose to start. Understanding your timeline is important when picking your time to begin construction.

Curious about the details involved in planning and building a custom home? Need any tips for building a house? Head here to download our complimentary guide for future reference.


Is Now A Good Time to Build a House?

The buyer’s market makes competition for existing properties more intense. Avoid the inevitable compromise and regret a hasty bid invites. Take your time and ensure you have everything on your wishlist by building a custom home. 


What Does it Cost to Build a House In Utah?

The cost of building your custom home depends on the size of your home and the materials you choose. Modest custom homes start around $300,000, whereas larger, well-appointed homes cost $450,000 or more. Your builder can help you understand the cost of your build and the factors affecting the price so that you can ensure your budget is in order. Remember that this price does not include the lot on which your home will be built.


Build it Better in Utah County with 10x

10x Builders knows that details matter and small things add up to big things. We build beautiful custom homes in Utah county with pride, and we’d love to build yours. If you’re ready to elevate your surroundings without relocating, 10x has still got you covered. Reach out today to connect and tell us about your project! 

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