Benefits of Natural Light in Your Custom Home

The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Custom Home

Let there be light! Natural light is a top-selling point and top ask in most real-estate markets, and with good reason. Many people gravitate toward spaces with natural light, without understanding what has drawn their attention. It just feels better. Human brains naturally crave and enjoy natural light. Explore the benefits of natural light and strategies to maximize light when designing your home and set yourself up for success every day by intentionally incorporating natural light into your custom home design.

10X Builders can help you expertly capture your lot’s natural light to create the sanctuary you envision. We want you to benefit from our expertise, whether you chose to build a home with us or not. We’re committed to creating resources that create value and educate homeowners. 

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Natural Light and Health

Natural light positively influences many factors that affect our general feeling of well-being. Research supports a variety of mental health benefits of natural light exposure. 

  • Mood- People report better overall mood and sense of well-being after spending time in natural vs. artificial light. 
  • Productivity- Workplaces and work shifts where natural light is available, lead to increased productivity. It is easier to do good work when you feel your best.
  • Vitamin D- Your body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D, which is a critical nutrient for healthy weight, eye, heart, and bone health.
  • Sleep- Natural light invites better sleep. Artificial lights can influence circadian rhythms, which is your body’s sense of when it should be asleep and awake. Consistent exposure to natural light helps you to feel tired when it gets dark and alert during the day.
  • Reduced mental health symptoms- Regular exposure to natural light is associated with a decreased report of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Naural Light and Interior Design


Natural light and paint color

Different lights contain different spectrums at a variable intensity and change the way a color looks. For example, your shirt may look like a different color outside and in. Natural light shifts your perception of your paint color, but how depends on the direction of your light. Light can also change a space depending on the time of day.

  • Northern-facing natural light sources add a touch of blue, deepening darker hues and softening light colors. 
  • Southern-facing natural light brightens paint hues, making whites crisp and accentuating darker accent colors.
  • Eastern-facing natural light adds a touch of green, which pops with green or yellow paint.
  • Western light adds orange, which creates naturally warmer tones.

Natural Light and windows

  • Clerestory windows-Windows above eye level are called clerestory windows. These allow for natural light but retain privacy. They are also a fantastic feature if you’re interested in energy efficiency and air circulation in your home. Opening clerestory windows to let out rising hot hair and ground-level windows to bring in cooler air keeps your home naturally comfortable.
  • Skylight- Consider a skylight to draw in natural light but retain complete privacy. 
  • Glass doors- Replacing solid doors with glass lets in the light. Consider sliding glass doors or glass french doors, especially for backyard exits. 
  • Mirrors and reflective surfaces- Mirrored doors or decor reflect and move light through your interior space. You can use mirrors to move light in your favor.

natural light in custom home by 10x builders in utah

What Placements Maximize Natural Light?

The sun moves through the sky every day and the season of the year influences the angle of the sun. This means that the sun is not consistently in the same position relative to your house.  You can still maximize your home’s ability to capture and highlight natural light as part of a comprehensive and thoughtful custom design.

  • Southern-facing windows traditionally gather the most light as the sun moves from east to west each day, but smart window placement can maximize available light in any direction.

  • Thoughtful design positions key spaces like your kitchen and living room to receive optimal natural light on your lot. This is why we recommend extra time and effort during design. Capturing important details like natural light will benefit you daily for years to come.

  • Your home’s unique placement and surroundings change the available light. The buildings and landscape around you block the sun. A southern facing picture window may not be in the cards if a tall building obstructs the light. Again, thoughtful design makes the most of what is available.

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