6 Creative Custom Home Design Trends for 2023

6 Creative Custom Home Design Trends for 2023

Creating a custom home means you influence every aspect of your layout and design. Though it can be exhilarating to have unlimited freedom, making design selections can be daunting, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what your options are or what your favorite elements are called.

10x Builders creates beautiful custom homes to your specifications in Utah County. Our expertise in helping our clients elevate every detail positions us to discuss the big picture of home design trends. We’ve seen fads rise and fall, and some classics hold steady. With our eyes on the horizon for 2023, we’ve made space to talk about the trends we love for home design in 2023.


Our Favorite Places for Design Inspiration


Nothing beats the range and volume Pinterest offers. Pinterest also has an unparalleled algorithm for serving up more of what it knows you like, which can present new options you didn’t know you wanted. It also provides links for more information about the design trends and elements that catch your eye, so you can learn the vocabulary you need to ask for the features you imagine. 

Project Galleries

Find a builder in your area that creates work that catches your eye and head to their project galleries. Ask yourself, “what about this do I like?” Dive in and note the features that wow you. Do you like the molding? The cabinets? The shape of the windows? Highlight these elements when having design conversations.

Your Real Life

Keep your eyes peeled for great ideas and looks you love while you move through the world. Does your neighbor have fantastic custom cabinet storage? Do the ceiling beams in your co-worker’s zoom background make your heart skip a beat? Take notes, and, if applicable, ask about the professional who did the work.


Popular Home Design Expected to Continue into 2023

Biophilic Design

Interior design inspired by the natural world reached new heights during the claustrophobia of the COVID years. Biophilic design positions plants and earthy elements as part of the indoor ecosystem. Think a lush and green wall of plants in your owner's suite bathroom, a solarium that bathes your plant babies in the afternoon sun, or natural stone and driftwood as integral design elements.

Vintage Eclectic

Why stick to one era when we’ve learned something valuable from all of them? Combine statement vintage pieces with modern staples to customize your look. Why can’t your vintage Art Deco coffee table sit next to your Pottery Barn bookshelf? There’s no good reason, and the personalized result is worth highlighting as an essential consideration for design in 2023.

Gentle Curves and Arches

Curves and arches are in for 2023 in all areas of design. Windows, mirrors, countertop edges, ceilings, and more, soothing curves are appearing with increasing frequency. Though the result is gentle, the urge to defy the call to straight lines is anything but square.


Emerging Trends for 2023

Unapologetically Moody

Bold colors, lush patterns, statement light. Your room can be a whole mood that bathes the user in the experience of its details. If you’re not remodeling for resale, why do you need a room that feels like a blank canvas? Use it to express yourself now! The anti-neutrals of 2023 provide a whole new lexicon for self-expression.

The Light is the Star

Curated vintage lights, glass art pieces, and expressive pendulum lighting appear more frequently in homes across the country. Permanent decor staples like attractive light fixtures prove that you don’t have to choose between form and function. Have it all with expressive statement lighting in your interior design. 

Statement Stone

Neutral natural stone has its place in modern design, but it isn’t the whole story. Use bold patterns created by nature itself to augment your accent wall or crown your countertop. Stone has more uses than you think. Travertine, made from irregular natural stone tiles set into concrete, is back again and could be the perfect way to tie your space together.


Color Trends for 2023

The 2023 colors of the year are earthy, pinky tones with varying degrees of saturation. Neutrals with a splash of warmth or fiery pinks and corals are here to heat up 2023. Of course, there are always a few outliers that buck the trend (Digital Lavender is a standout favorite.), and these make awesome additions or compliments to any room you style for 2023. According to industry experts and tastemakers, the colors of 2023 are as follows:

  • Behr: Blank Canvas
  • Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Canyon Ridge
  • Dunn Edwards: Terra Rosa
  • Dutch Boy: Rustic Greige
  • Glidden: Vining Ivy
  • Pantone: Digital Lavender
  • Sherwin Williams: Redend Point

10X is Ready to Build Your Dazzling 2023 Custom Home

When you’re ready to take your Utah County custom home dreams forward into reality, it’s time to call 10X Builders. Our lovingly crafted custom homes ensure your dream isn’t just faithfully executed, it is elevated to 10X as magnificent as you dared to imagine. Tell us more about your custom home project. We can’t wait to connect!

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