8 Benefits of Living in Utah County

8 Benefits of Living in Utah County

One of the most important decisions you'll make is where to live. Whether you're planning on relocating after finishing school, to explore a new area, or to start a new adventure in life, there are several benefits to living in Utah County. Get to know the area around Provo, Utah, and the benefits of moving there and building a house from the ground up.

1. Job Opportunities Are Increasing

The U.S. Census Bureau rated the Provo/Orem area as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country between 2010 and 2019. Since the beginning of the 21st century, non-farm employment opportunities in Utah County have increased by 75%. While almost every industry in the county has seen growth over the past two decades, three, in particular, have made significant strides:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

The tech industry has also seen substantial growth since the start of the 21st century. From 2000 to 2019, the number of tech jobs in Utah Country increased by 155%.

2. The Cost of Living Isn't High

The cost of living in Utah is slightly higher than in other states in the U.S. but less than in metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, New York, and Denver. Transportation, groceries, and utilities all cost less than the national average in Utah County. Housing is somewhat more expensive, with a median home price of $486,200. However, you have the opportunity to build a custom home in the area, meaning you can get the exact size and style of house you want, for less than you would pay in a place like California or New York.

3. It's a Safe Place

Utah has a much lower violent crime rate than other places in the U.S., which should give you peace of mind if you're planning to move to the state. In 2020, there were less than 80,000 crimes committed in Utah, or around 2.4 crimes per 1,000 residents.

While there has been an increase in some types of crimes, other types have dropped in recent years. The rate of property crime has fallen by more than 20% over the past couple of years. People who live in Utah report that they aren't concerned about packages being stolen from their porches, for example.

All told, the crime rate in the area is 35% lower than in the rest of the country. If you're looking to move to a place where you can feel safe and secure, Utah County is worth a look.

4. The Neighbors Are Friendly

You might not be planning on dashing over to your neighbor's house to ask to borrow a cup of sugar, but you most likely want to live in a place where neighbors nod and smile at each other or offer to take in packages when someone's away. Utahans have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. If you need to ask for directions or want to know what the local scoop is, you're likely to find someone who'll be happy to fill you in.

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5. There Are Benefits for Veterans

As a way of thanking veterans for serving their country, Utah offers several benefits for former service members. Veteran's benefits in the state are in addition to any benefits you might receive from the federal government. For example, National Guard service members and Purple Heart recipients who live in Utah can enjoy a tuition waiver at all state universities and colleges.

Veterans also get preference in hiring for positions in the state government and can take advantage of insurance programs available to former service members. Utah also offers tax credits or other tax breaks to veterans who receive retirement pay.

6. It's Full of Things to Do

If you love the outdoors, you'll love Utah living. The area around Utah County has plenty of options for outdoor activities, including biking, hiking, and skiing. State parks provide an opportunity to enjoy nature. Utah life centers around outdoor activities.

Even if you're not particularly outdoorsy, you'll find things to enjoy in Utah County. There are several museums in Provo, including science museums and art museums. If you're into the performing arts, you can take in a show at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem.

7. The Weather is Mild

Utah has four seasons a year. It gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. But compared to other parts of the U.S., the weather is pretty tame in Utah. Utah County has more sunny days per year than the U.S. average (226 versus 205). It has fewer rainy days than the rest of the country and more snowy days, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on your thoughts about snow.

8. You Can Build the Home of Your Dreams

One last reason to consider moving to Utah: you can build a custom house. Why settle for a cookie-cutter home or a property built with the needs of someone else in mind when you can build a house that's just right for you?

The key to successfully building a home is finding the right custom builder. 10X Builders is the preferred custom home builder in Utah County. To learn more, and to get started building your dream home, contact us today.

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