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7 Modern Styles for Your Salt Lake County Custom Home

When it comes to modern custom home designs, there are endless possibilities for creating a look and feel perfectly aligned with your unique vision. At 10X Builders, we know it's important to choose a floor plan and aesthetic that suits your tastes while still embracing timeless design and functionality.

Keep reading to explore 7 unique, trending modern design styles that are increasingly popular for custom homes in Salt Lake County.

1. Ranch Revival

The ranch-style home is making a big comeback in modern architecture. Known for its single-story living, open layouts, and harmonious integration with the outdoors, the ranch revival style offers the perfect balance of form and function.

Key features of the ranch-style home include its simple, unadorned exterior, low-pitched rooflines, and spacious, open-concept floor plans that flow effortlessly from one room to the next. This design prioritizes easy navigation and accessibility, making it a popular choice for families and individuals seeking a comfortable, user-friendly living space.

10X Builders offers ranch-inspired floor plans that infuse modern touches into this classic style, whether you desire a sprawling layout or a cozy retreat. Explore our ranch-inspired designs and discover the timeless allure of this architectural gem in modern living.

2. Farmhouse Charm

The modern farmhouse architectural style continues to captivate homeowners with its enduring charm. Its hallmark features like gabled roofs, welcoming front porches, and the use of natural, rustic materials evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia. This style seamlessly combines the best of both worlds: a timeless design that embraces modern functionality.

At 10X Builders, we celebrate this charm with floor plans that blend classic elements and modern living needs. Sip lemonade on a wide porch or enjoy shiplap-clad interiors with our farmhouse-inspired designs.

3. Contemporary Elegance

The contemporary design style boasts clean lines, large, strategically placed windows that flood interiors with natural light, and a minimalist color palette that emphasizes neutral tones, creating a sense of space and tranquility.

Our contemporary elegance-inspired floor plans include distinctive architectural features, like bold geometric shapes, mixed materials, and an open-concept layout. Whether you're drawn to the idea of an airy, open kitchen with minimalist cabinetry or envision a master bedroom that seamlessly merges with an outdoor oasis, everything is tailored to your vision.

4. Mountain Modern

The rugged beauty of Salt Lake County makes it the perfect place for a custom home inspired by mountain modern design. 

Mountain modern homes aim to capture the essence of their surroundings with earthy tones inspired by the majestic mountains, serene lakes, and clear blue skies. Expansive windows frame breathtaking mountain vistas, inviting the outdoors in. They often incorporate locally sourced materials like natural stone and reclaimed wood, harmonizing seamlessly with the landscape.

Our mountain modern floor plans, designed with the local landscape in mind, ensure that every aspect, from finishes to fixtures, harmonizes with the spectacular beauty of the area. Imagine your home, nestled amidst the majestic peaks of the Wasatch Front, overlooking the Great Salt Lake.

5. Craftsman Comfort

Step into the warmth and charm of craftsman-style homes, where timeless craftsmanship meets modern comfort. This enduring architectural style has been a favorite for generations, known for its inviting interiors and attention to detail.

Craftsman homes are characterized by exposed rafters, handcrafted woodwork, and built-in furniture that exude a sense of authenticity and warmth. These homes often feature welcoming front porches and inviting, open floor plans.

At 10X Builders, we've brought the timeless appeal of craftsman-style homes into the 21st century with our custom floor plans. With a tailor-made floor plan, we’ll incorporate handcrafted wood elements into floor plans, inviting you to relax by the fireplace while soaking in mountain views.

6.  Scandinavian Simplicity

Embrace Scandinavian design with uncluttered spaces, natural light, and a blend of form and function. Our floor plans seamlessly integrate open spaces and large windows, framing stunning views of the mountains and lakes. 

Born in the Nordic regions, Scandinavian-style homes are marked by their uncluttered spaces, abundant natural light, and a harmonious blend of form and function. The aim is to create serene, inviting environments that celebrate the beauty of simplicity.

With our custom floor plans, we can create open, uncluttered spaces that flow effortlessly—along with large windows and tons of natural light—allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views of Salt Lake County's natural beauty from the comfort of your home.

7. Transitional Elegance

Transitional design marries classic and modern aesthetics, perfect for a Salt Lake County custom home. With this style, we can create a home that exudes both comfort and sophistication, where neutral color palettes create a sense of calm, and a harmonious balance reigns supreme.

At 10X Builders, we can seamlessly blend classic elements with modern functionality, creating homes that reflect your unique style and the natural beauty of Salt Lake County. With a custom floor plan, we’ll ensure that your new home is a timeless masterpiece.

Turning Your Unique Vision Into a Reality

Planning a custom home that stays true to your unique vision can be a huge undertaking. At 10x Builders, our diverse range of design styles and floor plans—from ranch revival to mountain modern, craftsman comfort to Scandinavian simplicity, and everything in between—provides everything you need to create a home that expresses your individuality. We take pride in offering customization options that go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to personalize every detail of your home.

Our team is here to work closely with you as you develop your new home’s design. Whether it's adapting floor plans to your preferences or incorporating specific design elements, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Your custom home journey begins with 10X Builders. 

Contact us today to start planning the home you've always dreamed of. Your unique vision deserves a unique home, and we're here to make it happen.

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