6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan

You’ve found the perfect community and you’re ready to build your new home. Building your custom home on your own lot means you have control of every detail, from the ground up. It’s time to choose a floor plan so you can make it real! This can be overwhelming and exciting! Don’t waste your best and most flexible opportunity to include important and personalized elements in your custom build. Selecting the right floor plan is the start of your very exciting journey to your dream home.

10x builds rock-solid custom stunners in Utah County. Our family homes are time-tested neighborhood favorites. Our vast experience in matching clients to floor plans gives us a lot to say about the process of finding the perfect one for you.

How to Find the Perfect Floor Plan for Your Home

Choosing the right floor plan involves understanding the floor plan basics and your needs. You will likely view many floor plans before you find the right one for your build. Keep in mind that floor plans can be tweaked and altered to make yours perfect for you, but some floor plan features are easier to change than others. Moving walls and opening up spaces, for example, could add extra engineering and cost.

Understand Floor Plan Basics

    • Number of Bedrooms- This is one of the first things many floorplans advertise. Some office or multi-purpose spaces can also double as bedrooms, which is why you sometimes see two possible bedroom counts listed on the same plan.
    • Number of Bathrooms- Bathrooms that include bathtubs are full bathrooms. Tubless bathrooms with showers are sometimes listed as 1.75 baths. Powder rooms with a toilet and sink only are half baths.
    • Square Footage- The number of feet above grade is listed in most floor plan specs. Square footage is a larger driver in pricing your new construction. Bigger homes need more of everything, materials, space, and labor included.
    • Shape - Some house layouts won’t work with the shape of your lot. You can’t build a giant ranch on a tiny lot or dig a basement where the water table is high. You can preserve an old tree or a lovely hill or make use of the southern light on your lot with the right floor plan. 
    • Stories- The number of stories drastically changes the usable space in your home. A complete second doubles your square footage with the same building footprint. Floor plans are usually presented with each story in a separate image.

3d image of white house and green lawn with mountain backdrop by 10x builders in orem utah

Things to Consider When Designing a New Floor Plan

Choosing the right floor plan depends on your goals. Are you looking for the best family floor plan? Are you building a luxury empty nest? Here are some questions to ask yourself so that you identify every aspect of your ideal floor plan:

  1. How much privacy will be required? This helps you locate bedrooms. Family floor plans sometimes keep bedrooms close together so parents can care for younger kids. Older families often opt to separate bedrooms into several areas. Giving a teenager or the owners’ suite a bit of space is the best layout for a happy home.
  2. How much entertainment do you plan? Open spaces with ample seating are great for entertaining but can be empty echo chambers in a quiet home.
  3. Do you need to plan for accessibility? Wide doorways, wheelchair turning radius, and first-floor accessibility are important features if you plan to age in place.
  4. What’s your style? Are you looking for a simple and traditional floor plan, or are you looking to meet a unique need through a custom build? 
  5. What are the homes around you like? Are you interested in blending in or standing out?
  6. How will you use your workspaces? Kitchens layouts are personal. Everyone preps and cooks differently. Consider how you would move around a proposed kitchen to make your favorite meal. Are you crossing a wide landscape with a hot pot? Are you bumping elbows with your sous-chef? You can fix these problems before they start with a personalized kitchen floor plan.

Where to Find a Floor Plan

The internet is overflowing with floor plans. Not all floor plans are created equally, and not everyone will work for the home you have in mind and the space you plan to build it. There’s no harm in combing the internet for inspiration. However, your builder has the last word on the type and details they need to get started with a floor plan. If you have a builder in mind, they likely have a gallery of floor plans that you could use to begin your custom home design. Using your builder’s floor plan ensures that your builder understands your plan and has all the details needed.

Custom Homes with Perfect Floor Plans in Utah County

10x Builders would love to build your custom home in Utah County.  We would love to execute your vision, ten times better than it appears in your mind. Reach out today to tell us about your project.Ready To Build Your Dream Home | Download Our Free Guide Now

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