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Featured Floor Plan: Stockholm

Ready to tour another breathtaking 10X family floor plan? Showing off our most popular family floor plans is always fun, but this plan takes it to the next level of luxury and design. When introducing you to a floor plan, we're not just introducing you to a sketch. We're introducing you to the idea of what could be. Finding the perfect floor plan for your family’s custom home is a labor of love. You can create a custom floor plan, modify your favorite, or adopt a tried-and-true floor plan as is. This custom home floor plan will take your dreams, design aspirations, and lifestyle and elevate them beyond what you can imagine. Our custom home gallery gives you a peek into what is possible with the finished product.

Are you ready to be introduced to the Stockholm floor plan?

At 10X Builders, we give our floor plans the names they inspire. The Stockholm floor plan reminds us of European architecture's sharp peaks and tall outlines. The tasteful luxury and generous square footage marries European grandeur and American ingenuity. This plan is ideal for buyers looking for something a little extra. This is not a simple floor plan but a modern home design that weaves in elements of a bygone era. 

The Stats Up Front

The Square Footage

The stately Stockholm floor plan offers a potential of 5,387 finished square feet, depending on whether you opt for a finished basement. This contemporary home features beautiful angles and airy spaces, perfect for any busy family who loves togetherness and privacy in equal measure.

Here’s how the square footage breaks down across the levels.

  • Main Floor Sq. Ft: 2419
  • Second Floor Sq. Ft: 832
  • Basement Floor Sq. Ft:  2136Stockholm Rendering by 10X Builders

a  bathroom for nearly every bedroom

Luxury marries practicality with this amenity. The (up to seven) bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom ensure privacy, comfort, and an elevated experience. Every bedroom has walk-in closets that add to this layout's private bedroom suite appeal. While everything is customizable, we don't forecast anyone wanting to change this feature. As you'll learn when we get to the basement, the bedroom layout keeps giving.

impressive first floor

Stockholm Floor Plan Main Level by 10X Builders

The great hall

The great room's two-story ceilings transport its occupants into another time. Impress your guests (and yourself!) with this stately grand entry into a 2-story great room. This detail takes your home from elegant to magnificent, and the simple lines let the awe-inspiring room speak for itself. 

Remember how we mentioned European influences? When you walk into the great hall, allow yourself to be swept up in another time and relish the luxury of this beautiful custom home floor plan.

Transition from outdoor to indoor entertainment

If transitioning from day to night is essential (or so early 2000s magazines told us), transitioning from outdoor to indoor entertainment is even more crucial in modern home design.

The best parties have an indoor and outdoor element, and the larger slider door allows a seamless transition from the great room to the outdoor deck. We can't promise that Utah weather will always be hospitable to outdoor parties, but as we all know, there's no bad weather—just bad clothing. 

not your parents' laundry room

The Stockholm's laundry room is scaled to match the rest of the floor plan. There's no tiny nook for laundry in this floor plan. Instead, the laundry room expands to match the rest of the house, allowing more than enough room for washing and drying the household and guest laundry.

Butler's Pantry

The Stockholm sports a spacious storage pantry with room for household goods, extra staples for parties and events, and a butler's pantry. If you don't have your Guide to Butlers handy, a butler's pantry is an enclosed room off the dining room designed for staging plates and dishes before a meal. It allows you to host dinner parties while maintaining the illusion that everything comes out of the kitchen perfectly.

There's no rule that you must use the butler's pantry this way. The beauty of your custom home is that the utility of each room is up to you. 

Homework Room

Adjacent to the dining room and the (reasonably necessary) mudroom is a less imposing but incredibly functional space: the homework room. Ambiance is essential for homework ranging from the first letters to a Ph.D. dissertation, and this homework space provides that for students of any age. Natural light bathes the room in a calming, warm atmosphere. While no napping is allowed, it is tempting in this room.

Primary Suite

While every bedroom in this model is sizable in every way imaginable, this modern master bedroom epitomizes capacious luxury. The primary suite takes up its own wing on the main floor and has its own deck for scenic views. The roomy walk-in closet borders the office, making the suite feel like a private enclave.

3-Car Garage with Secret Entrance

A 3-car garage is an expectation of a floor plan of this size. However, this garage system also has a back door that gives outdoor enthusiasts a dedicated door to ride their smaller wheeled apparatuses in from a different angle. Don't need the space for that purpose? Use it for something different. This floor plan is just a suggestion. Your lifestyle determines the details.

the second story escape

While not quite a turret or a tower, the second story provides ample room for creativity. The third, fourth, and fifth bedrooms live up here, but the extra rooms catch our fancy the most.

Stockholm Floor Plan Second Story by 10X Builders

cozy reading nook

Every home needs a dedicated reading look, and the Stockholm floorplan does not disappoint. This reading room is conveniently situated next to the upstairs loft, which gives the introverts among us the perfect escape from whatever socializing the loft facilitates. Anyone looking for a cozy, literary escape, curl up with a good book (or three) in this reading nook conveniently placed on the second floor, next to the third, fourth, and fifth bedroom suites.  

Want to balance efficiency with literacy? The second floor also sports another laundry room, sparing everyone the college-like experience of lugging a hamper of clothes down the stairs.

the lofty loft

The loft gives unlimited options for entertainment, lofty or not. The delightful flexibility in this floor plan means we can't tell you what to do with this space, but we can show it to you!

Basement Choices

The climax of a custom home is easily the basement because of the option to leave it finished or finished. The finished version gives you a sixth and seventh bedroom, an additional living room, a kitchenette, bathrooms, an exercise room, and multiple storage options.

The layout isn't entirely set in stone, but deciding to build a finished or unfinished basement is truly the most customary experience. An unexcavated space can be excavated to build an additional garage, separate bunk house, or hobbyist shop.

Stockholm Floor Plan Basement Layout by 10X Builders

Future Game Room and Future Living Room

If this modern home design hasn't already charmed you, we have something else to make building a house in Utah even sweeter. The future game room and living room in the basement open the door for more flexibility and entertainment. Use the basement to enjoy simpler floor plans and relish the comfort of the extra entertainment rooms, storage, and bedrooms.

Bedroom Layout

The bedroom layout of the finished basement adds three more bedrooms and spreads them throughout the basement. This is perfect for hosting overnight guests or an in-law suite. The genius behind the Stockholm Layout is that every floor gives the illusion of an open floor plan and defined living spaces. 

Elegant Customization 

If an expansive home with gabled peaks and room to enable hosting piques your interest, the Stockholm model might be your choice. With 10X Builders, you don't have to settle for a detail or design that isn't right for your lifestyle. If you love a layout but need adjustments, we'll work with you to sketch out a home that matches your needs and lifestyle.

Contact us today, and let us see what we can do for you!

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10X Builders creates gorgeous custom homes in Utah. If you're considering building a house in Utah, we'd love to build this or another beautiful custom home on your behalf. Reach out today to tell us more about the project you've got in mind.

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