Tract, Spec, or Custom: Which New Home Is Right For You?

Tract, Spec, or Custom: Which New Home Is Right For You?

Generally speaking, there are three types of residential new construction homes to choose from: tract, spec, and custom. Let’s define each of these three to give you a better sense of how they differ and which option is right for you. 

Tract Homes:

Tract homes are usually built by nation or region-wide home builders that build dozens or hundreds of similar-looking homes in a community. With tract homes you don’t get much customization, your house looks the same as the neighbors, and the lots are typically smaller; however, they do offer quicker build times and often lower overall costs. 

Finished Tract homes in Northern California

Spec Homes:

Spec homes builders are similar to Tract homes but offer a little more customization. 

Spec homes are usually built by smaller builders, but that’s not always the case. Construction of Spec homes usually starts before the builder has found a buyer. The builder is speculating that they will be able to find a buyer during or after the building process. 

Spec homes provide more customization options than tract homes, but less than a custom home. A lot of the “bones” of the home will already be established before you buy the home, but you’ll be able to choose features like backsplashes, countertops, and cabinets that can still make a home feel uniquely yours. 

New building luxury suburban house in sunny summer afternoon

Custom Homes:

Custom builders are working with you from start to finish to create a truly custom home. The options are limitless and you have much more control. Depending on the builder, they will help you find the right piece of land and help you with other parts of the process such as financing, finding an architect, material choices, etc. Custom homes are a unique experience, thus they are the most expensive of the three. 

beautiful white new custom home by 10x Builders in Orem, utah

Which is right for you?

Tract homes are the most affordable of the three if budget is your main concern. However, you don’t get any customization or much say in where your new home is located. This is a great option for first-time homebuyers. 

Spec homes are a great option if you don’t desire a fully customized home, but don’t like the cookie-cutter feel of tract homes. If you go this route, try finding a spec home as it’s being built. This way you’ll be able to choose interior finishes and fixtures and add a little bit of customization. This is a great option for a second or vacation home. 

Custom homes are a great option if you have a particular taste and you want more control over the home building process. If you’re making Utah County your permanent home, building a custom home can set you up for many years to come. 

With custom homes, you’re able to build exactly to your needs. Working remotely? You’ll need a quiet home office to get work done. Planning for kids in the future? Make sure you add a bedroom or two so you’re ready when the time comes. The point being, a custom home allows you to build around your lifestyle. Tract and spec homes build around your budget. 

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