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Why Investing in a General Contractor Is the Real Key to Long-Term Savings in Your Dream Custom Home Build

Your dream of a custom-built home is alive and well, but the specter of a custom home budget looms large. This may surprise some, but investing in a general contractor is the key to long-term savings in your ideal custom home build. This blog post will cover the value of a general contractor, its disadvantages, and whether new construction is a good investment.

We'll also include some tips about how to build a custom home on a budget, the biggest mistakes to avoid,  and where you can find the best custom home-building contractor for the job.

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The value of a general contractor in custom home building

What is the value of a general contractor in custom home building, and why does it matter? Here are the factors that our clients have said they needed most!

Expertise and Experience

The right general contractor can bring more than a toolbox’s worth of experience and knowledge to the construction site of a new custom home. A general contractor's value is immense, from custom home building tips to professional oversight in working with building codes, zoning laws, and supply chain issues. A talented general contractor also adds to the value of new construction as a good investment by ensuring that every aspect of the home, from foundation to finishes, is executed to perfection, contributing to the overall investment quality of the new build.

Cost Savings

General contractors have established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, allowing them to secure materials and labor at competitive prices. These vendor discounts are a critical element in cost saving in construction, directly benefiting the homeowner by stretching the budget further without compromising quality.

With a general contractor, the financial risks associated with overruns and unexpected issues are significantly reduced, ensuring that the investment in new construction remains worth it.

Custom Home Budget Management

We all know that going over budget is the last thing any homeowner wants when building a custom home. A general contractor can work closely with the homeowner to establish a realistic budget that reflects your vision and priorities. This proactive approach to budget management safeguards your investment and maximizes the potential for cost savings throughout the construction process.

Do you have questions? A knowledgeable general contractor can answer them and provide resources regarding the custom home-building process

A modern bathroom featuring a double vanity with wooden cabinetry, a large circular mirror, black-framed frosted glass doors, and herringbone tile flooring.

Is new construction a good investment?

Investing in new construction means creating a custom home feature list with your custom homebuilding contractor and building an ideal home for you and your family. Homes nowadays cost a good deal of money, even if you buy a pre-built one that hasn't been designed to your specifications. Are new builds a good investment? They are if you are ready to invest in and live in a custom home for several years. 

How to Save Money on a Custom-Built House

Start with an experienced custom home builder who is comfortable navigating the entire process - from permits to handing over the keys. Your aesthetic choices and the region you build in influence the budget of your custom-built home. Many of our clients discovered that they organically prefer a more frugal design choice in certain rooms. Following your instincts is one of our favorite cost-saving methods in construction, allowing you to add your must-haves to your custom home features list. 

Your Pre-Construction Budget

When our clients are deep in the pre-construction process, the question of how much money they'll need to have saved before beginning construction often arises. Like most great answers, it all depends. Your budget depends on the acreage, county, floor plan, or whether you previously owned a home and have equity.

Each situation and homeowner is different, just like each custom home. You can build a custom home on a budget or a much larger budget. The choices involved are all yours.

The disadvantages of a general contractor

Nobody is perfect, and we certainly can't claim that working with a general contractor is without disadvantages.

Perception of High Costs 

Because of a custom home building contractor's skills, knowledge, and scope of work, the initial quote might catch some homeowners unaware. For some, the perception of high cost is a hurdle the owner and contractor must work through to begin construction.

The Wrong General Contractor 

Horror stories do exist, stemming from general contractors who are not prepared to be skilled custom home builders. Look for general contractors with glowing reviews and portfolios who are comfortable building in your target area. In short, hire someone who builds custom homes you would love to live in. 

An open concept living room with large windows, a fireplace, wooden floors, and a white color scheme.

is it worth investing in construction?

If you dream of a Utah home that allows you to flow instinctively through your day, with every feature custom-designed to your specifications and lifestyle, then investing in new Utah custom home construction may be for you.

Custom Designed Lifestyle

One of the greatest custom homebuilding tips we can give is to remember that you're not just building a custom home but a custom lifestyle. The right custom home building contractor understands that your custom home is a physical representation of your hard work, dreams, and lifestyle.

Your investment shows up in our hard work and attention to detail. We leave nothing on the custom home features list unchecked and follow up to ensure we implement every custom home-building tip we've learned.

Ready to custom-build your lifestyle?

If you're ready to invest in a custom home budget, it's time to contact your local custom home builder. At 10X Builders, we know that we're building more than you're home; we're building your lifestyle. We work with you to build a custom home within your budget, carefully noting the custom home features you must have in your home. Our transparency and communication style are why you're never left wondering what's next.

Contact 10X us today, and let us start constructing your dream home!

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