Finding an Available Lot for your Custom Home in Utah

Finding an Available Lot for Your Custom Home in Utah

When you want to build Utah custom homes, one of the first steps is to find an available lot. Finding a lot can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Identifying a lot in the perfect community with the qualities that you're looking for isn't easy - nor is it easy to know what lot features are most important to you. Finding financing to buy an empty lot can also be difficult, even if you're a buyer with good credit.

When you want to buy land in Utah, having a little guidance can help. Once you've found the right lot for you, you'll be on your way to building your future dream house.

How do I find the lot to build Utah custom homes?

Finding land to build on your own lot can be a complicated procedure. Before you start shopping for land, start by making a list of must-haves versus nice-to-haves. You should do this for your custom home and for the lot that you're hoping to buy, since features in your home may affect the features of your lot.

For example, if a pool is a must-have for your new home, then you will probably want to buy a lot that is large enough to accommodate a pool and extra yard for entertaining and spending time outside. Your list of must-haves should include important information like proximity to neighbors (close to neighbors, or far away?), school districts, proximity to services, and more.

Once you've made a list of must-haves, this will help you narrow your search for the perfect lot. You'll know approximately where to look, and what features are more important than others. You're unlikely to find the perfect lot, so know your list of deal-breakers, and stay positive.

Many people will work with real estate professionals to find the right lot for them. You can also consult with a home builder if you've found a builder who has already agreed to build your home and has been working on a design. Your home builder can provide you with guidance to help you find a lot that will help you accomplish your home design goals.

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Is it better to buy land first and then build?

You will have to buy the land before you start building. Financing for land can be very difficult to obtain, because land without a home is unleveraged, and therefore inherently riskier.

Some homebuyers pay cash for their land, while other home buyers must get a mortgage that can be used to pay for the land. If you think you're going to need financing in order to buy your lot for your new home, contact a mortgage broker or a lender to learn more about getting a loan for this kind of purchase.

Is it cheaper to build on your own land?

If you already own land and would like to build a home or a building on the land that you already own, this option may be cheaper than buying a lot exclusively for the purpose of building on it. However, some of this depends on your goals for your new house.

If the land you already own isn't suitable for the home you hope to build, you might spend more money making the land suitable than you would have spent on purchasing an all-new lot. Talk to your home builder to find out more.

Should you focus on buying land in Utah before finding a home builder?

You can buy land and find a home builder in whatever order makes you most comfortable. Some home buyers choose to buy their land first, either because they've found the perfect lot or because of circumstances unique to their situation. Other homebuyers choose to find a builder first and work hard to create a home design before finding the perfect lot for their needs.

If you're not sure which order is right for you, it may help to start by talking to home builders in your area. Some home builders help their clients find the house that's right for them.

Have more questions about how to buy land and build a house? Contact 10x Builders.

At 10x Builders, we help homeowners hoping to build new homes in Utah. We've got years of experience helping homeowners like you to build their homes on vacant land. We provide helpful information for homeowners to help guide them through the process of choosing land, buying land, and designing their new home.

There's more than one way to buy land in Utah and build on your own lot. Working with an experienced builder can help you through this process. We provide consultation and advice to our customers to help them make the best choices for their circumstances. To get started buying a good lot in the perfect community for you, contact us today.

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