Custom home in Heber, Utah 


This homeowner spotlight has a special place in our hearts - and for good reason. Our clients were referred to us by an architect because our custom home-building process assures our clients that their wishes are our top priority. These particular clients absolutely deserved the best that 10X Builders could provide. We weren't just remodeling their home. We were rebuilding after a fire had tragically burned through the original home. Being able to create a home with an open floor plan and natural lighting was just the beginning; our goal was to bring our clients home.

Aerial View Exterior of Utah Custom Home
Exterior Front Door of Remodeled Utah Home


Our clients approached us with two major pain points. The first one was that a fire had ruined their beautiful home, and they wanted it remodeled into something even better. We needed to match certain parts of the stone exterior, even though the original stone was no longer in production. The second issue was that they wanted to be in their home in time for the holidays. That gave us 6.5 months to remodel a home from the ashes. We knew these homeowners deserved to be in their beautiful new-to-them home by the holidays, so we got to work. 


We knew we had to find materials that would match the rest of the stone house, install flooring that flowed seamlessly throughout the house, and make some upgrades to better our clients' lives.

The goal of this remodel was to play off the natural light in the home. High double-stacked windows showcased scenic mountain views, and floors worked with, not against, the natural light of this home. The stone house style that our clients loved so well flows naturally with the Utah landscape—no ruining the landscape here.

We also decided to eliminate a small catwalk at the entrance, which prevented the natural light interior design from reaching its full potential. 

View From Head of Dining Table in Remodeled Utah Home Kitchen
Living Room in Remodeled Utah Home (Portrait)
Front Exterior of Remodeled Utah Home



A highlight of the stone house trend in Utah is how well it matches the terrain around it and reflects natural light. Our clients loved the original stone and wanted us to replicate it. However, there was one issue: the stone was no longer in production.

Nothing Paint Can't Fix

Our solution to the incongruent stone dilemma was to find a stone that matched the shape of the original house and then paint all the stones the same matching creamy hue for continuity throughout the entire exterior. The stone accents and peaked gables give this house a slightly European twist, while the mountains in the background are the purest representation of the American West.


There's a time and a place for a catwalk. However, our clients wanted an open floor plan, and the catwalk minimized their desired view. Once we removed the catwalk, the open, continuous lines of the home appeared, giving the space an elevated vibe. We created an open floor plan with double-stacked windows showcasing premium mountain views, high ceilings, and natural light streaming into every home corner. Our clients loved how this remodel didn't just salvage what the fire burned but made their updated home better than ever.

View of Entryway Loft Stairs and Into Kitchen From Living Room of Remodeled Utah Home


A crucial part of remodeling a home after a traumatic event like a fire is making the remodel work seamlessly with the rest of the house. No one wants to be visibly reminded daily that part of their home burned down. Incongruence in design is always shocking, particularly in an after-fire remodel.

Aria Vents

We added Aria vents throughout the entire house for optimal airflow. These vents have a low profile and don't distract from the house's open concept. However, they work even better with premium hardwood.

Upscale hardwood

We added upscale hardwood designed around Aria vents throughout the entire house. This enhances the open concept and natural light dance in the house and helps the entire home achieve a calming order. 

Home Gym Barn Door in Remodeled Utah Home
Exterior of RemodeledUtah Home, 2 Door Garage, and Driveway


Snow is a natural part of living in Utah, but icy driveways and walkways don't have to be. We added heating technology to these homeowners' driveways and walkways, giving them one less thing to worry about on frigid mornings. These additions create another layer of comfort and luxury, making the snow-topped mountains just an image on the coldest days. 

When you build with 10X Builders, you can have more than just a gorgeous home; you can have a luxurious experience.


Happy Clients Make a Happy Home

We usually highlight a specific design feature as our favorite part of a home remodel. In this case, our entire team's favorite part was seeing how thrilled our clients were to make it back home finally. Giving our clients their beautifully remodeled home back was the highlight of our year, and seeing their faces when they realized how it had been updated and renovated to their specific needs was just the cherry on top of it all. Our hard work paid off. From matching the stone to finding just the right flooring to highlighting the mountain view, we brought a family back home for the holidays. 

what our clients say

The most important part of this remodel was creating a place this family could call home again. Every part of the process was accomplished with their comfort, needs, and preferences at the forefront of our minds. But don't just take our word for it! Look what our clients had to say about 10X Builders. 

"The 10X referral turned out to be a winner. 10X completed the demo and rebuilt from around one-half of the remaining studs in 6.5 months and on budget. Having remodeled and built homes, never have we catered to the way 10X Builders catered to us. AJ and Alani actually understand the finer points of construction. I gotta tell you that we hoped  but never believed we could get the rebuild done this year, but the subs and 10X and delivered." 

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